I’m almost done with Myst III: Exile, and I’ll post my thoughts about its puzzles and overall design after I finish it tonight. I want to talk for a minute about level design today. Edanna is an age in Myst III. It’s a rocky island in the middle of a vast bright blue sea. The […]

I’m done with Riven and moving on to Myst III: Exile. It’s interesting to think about the changes between Myst and Riven. Myst’s puzzles were both more contained and more clear, and the change in tone for Riven’s puzzles makes the entire game both subtle and overly complex. Containment Containment is important for puzzles, especially […]

I finished Myst the other night, and started on Riven. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things, including the relative complexity of Riven as compared to Myst, and especially as compared to newer games like Dream Chronicles and Enlightenus. I’ve also been thinking about the passage of time. As I walked around the islands […]

I’ve started working on a personal project that, for me, is a return to where I started. I design games because of Myst. I had always played games, and always wanted to make games, but Myst gave me incentive and inspiration. It gave me the drive to spend all of my free time learning to […]