A past side project included building Wizardry-style combat. That’s a very specific kind of turn-based combat, best displayed in Wizardry VI and Wizardry VII. I call this phased combat. The player enters orders for each of her party members in turn, shown in the screen shot. Each party member can make choices like Fight, Parry, cast […]

I’ve been talking a lot on Twitter lately about creating my solo game, and I’m going to start saving them here as well. Today, I talked about why you often want FSMs on stand-alone gameobjects, and a beginning look at how/why you would segment them.   [View the story “Reasons to segment FSMs” on Storify]

One of my favorite songs that comes up on my walk to and from work is John Denver’s Thank God I’m A Country Boy. Am I a “country girl”? Kind of, but that’s not why the song is on my “walking to work” playlist. I’m lucky to work at an awesome company that encourages creativity and […]