I started working on an adventure game earlier this week. It’s coming full circle for me, since my start as a professional game developer in the 90’s was working nights and weekends on an adventure game. The tools were different then (Strata 3D, Macromedia/Adobe Director) but much of the process is still the same. Now, […]

Years ago, when I used to play with interactive fiction languages, I happened upon The Player’s Bill of Rights by Graham Nelson. It was a part of his Craft of Adventure essay and it was mostly lost to the archaeological strata of the Internet. Despite its age and obscurity, the Player’s Bill of Rights is […]

Two 99% unrelated facts: I’m playing Dead Space 2, and @mjayg tweeted a question to me: do I blog somewhere else, since this blog is so inactive? What makes these two facts 1% related is that you could call my blog “dead space” lately. So here’s a belated new year’s resolution: I’ll try to post […]