I’ve been talking a lot on Twitter lately about creating my solo game, and I’m going to start saving them here as well. Today, I talked about why you often want FSMs on stand-alone gameobjects, and a beginning look at how/why you would segment them.   [View the story “Reasons to segment FSMs” on Storify]

I started working on an adventure game earlier this week. It’s coming full circle for me, since my start as a professional game developer in the 90’s was working nights and weekends on an adventure game. The tools were different then (Strata 3D, Macromedia/Adobe Director) but much of the process is still the same. Now, […]

I’d heard about previous Ludum Dare competitions, but never heard about it enough in advance to clear an entire weekend for it. This time, I decided to make the time and put it on my calendar. The goal was to design and build a game in 48 hours, by yourself, to fit a theme that […]

There’s an interesting blog post at Armchair Arcade that discusses an evergreen debate: are modern games better than old games, or are they simply different? I don’t think there’s an absolute answer to that, even if you discount technology changes (the main point of his blog post). There’s one thing that’s clear to me though: […]