I was hired at Media Station, Inc. (MSI) in 1997 as Senior Producer/Designer for multiple game titles. At the time, MSI specialized in children’s titles developed for Disney and Hasbro, among others. Although they had just finished a core game title (Extreme Tactics), they wanted to make improvements in the design and process for their […]

I found an archive of Shadows, which included the music. It was great (and sad) to hear it again after all these years. The Main Theme was especially moving for me, since it was closely tied to the game’s story as well as our development of the game. You can listen to the MP3s via […]

As I sort through all my accumulated game debris to prepare for our upcoming move, I keep finding old design documents, cinematics scripts, flow charts, .ini files, screen shots, and even a softball team tee shirt from games I’ve worked on. Video games suffer a uniquely short memory when it comes to entertainment media, and […]