I met with my medical oncologist last Friday–she handled the chemo side of treatment. She confirmed that the PET scan showed the cancer is all gone, which was good to hear again since it can be hard to believe. She also said we’ll do three month scans for quite some time and stay vigilant, which was […]

I’m the frog in the pot of water. It’s furiously boiling around me, and I still think I’m just hanging out in a nice hot tub. Objectively, I know I’m getting better. The esophagitis has largely died down, with just a little sensitivity around certain foods. The nausea’s still hanging around but much lesser. It […]

…but telling people you have cancer again is even worse. Right after I heard about the mass in my lung, I thought about how you deliver news like this. It feels like tossing a rock into a pond, and watching the concentric circles. I always thought there were four “circles of informing”: The Rock: That’s me, […]