When I was going through head and neck cancer treatments in 2012, Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys died of head and neck cancer. It was a challenging time–people were talking about it all over social media. To make it worse, not only was it at least a similar type of cancer, he was also […]

I’m the frog in the pot of water. It’s furiously boiling around me, and I still think I’m just hanging out in a nice hot tub. Objectively, I know I’m getting better. The esophagitis has largely died down, with just a little sensitivity around certain foods. The nausea’s still hanging around but much lesser. It […]

I said I would come back with a post about ringing in the new year… but unfortunately this is not that post. I wish it were because then I would be feeling better. The best way I can describe this week is that it’s like standing on uneven ground. I’ll have a day where I […]

I said I would post both good and bad things, and I also said I’d post on New Year’s about the road ahead and what I want to accomplish. Unfortunately, I’m so sick that all I want on the road ahead is to stop feeling nauseous and throwing up. It feels unfair, being so sick […]