Last year, I was in the hospital from chemo for my birthday, not knowing the cancer would blossom again months later. This year, I’m walking around San Francisco–short of breath sometimes, but walking–looking forward to an afternoon and evening with friends, a few days at GDC, then the return home for another trial treatment. I’ll […]

It’s easy to figure out what I’m thankful for this year. Four years ago on Thanksgiving, I was recovering from head and neck cancer. A year ago today, I was in the middle of treatment for lung cancer. Now I’m in a clinical trial that’s working. I’m thankful to still be alive. I’m also thankful […]

We all get in the habit of saying it: “Someday…” Life keeps us busy. We wake up thinking about what’s on our calendar for the day. By the afternoon, we’re figuring out what we’ll have to do tomorrow that we can’t finish today. Then we realize it’s 10:30 pm and the daily routine absorbed all of our […]

I’ve been reading up on the experiences of other folks taking the immunotherapy drug(s) I’m likely to be given, on a variety of forums. It made me realize how the timing here, while emotionally difficult, was actually something I should appreciate. Yes, it was harder discovering the cancer’s back after that first clear PET result… but the […]