After being on a slightly lower dose of steroids for almost four weeks, it seems to be holding steady at a point where I’m not as bad as I was before any steroids, but walking to the water cooler at work or getting dressed in the morning leaves me panting. Part of it may be […]

I had big news a couple weeks ago. Astonishing news, really. I told a close circle of friends immediately, and posted to Facebook and Twitter later in the day. With each hour that passed, talking about it became more and more difficult. It was almost a week before I said anything public about it at […]

I have a confession to make: it’s hard to post to this blog sometimes. The same thing happened last time. I would go silent for a period of time, then resurface. It’s because I was sick, yes, but there was more going on than that. I’m a relentless optimist, and I use that terminology specifically […]