Clinical Trial Math

Clinical trial math example:

Monday + every two months = time to start worrying about my scan the following Monday.

Tuesday + pain below my right ribs = worry about that AND the scan the following Monday.

Wednesday + pain is now across the front of my chest below my ribs and in my back + tell Dr. Ani = worry about it being a pulmonary embolism AND the scan the following Monday.

Thursday + pain still comes and goes + do a little research because it feels like I grew a new angry gall bladder + Dr. Ani wants a scan sooner = worry about a pulmonary embolism AND worry about my immune system attacking my pancreas/liver like it has attacked my thyroid AND worry about my scans which are now tomorrow.

I try to only be positive here (and everywhere really) and I’m not freaked out or anything. I guess being so positive all the time makes me struggle a bit more when I start worrying about things. I’m getting closer to the point where weird pains that are probably in the category of “you’re over 50 now” don’t worry me… but I’m not quite there yet.

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