First Days on Steroids

I’ve been on high dose prednisone for almost a week now. I started noticing a difference the second day, and by the fourth it was a clear improvement. It’s slowed down since then, but it’s not clear to me whether it’s just that any improvement from my former downhill trend was more noticeable, or whether I’ve been pushing myself too much toward the end of this week, and not getting enough rest.

I can walk across the parking garage to the car now with just a little mild breathlessness–and even talk a little along the way. I can get dressed in the morning without having a coughing fit. I can walk down a flight of stairs and be fairly OK. I found myself able to sleep a bit on my right side the past couple nights because the wheezing/cracking/whistling sounds from my lung were so much quieter. I don’t think I really realized how bad it was until it started getting a little better.

I return to the lung specialist next week for tests. I know the eventual process is to start slowly ramping down the steroids–if I start feeling worse again, we raise the dosage back up and wait a while to try again. I’m not sure if we’ll start that next week or if we wait until I feel more normal to start, because while I feel better than a week ago, I’m nowhere near normal yet.

So the steroids are working–reducing inflammation and giving my body some room to heal. Now I just need to figure out how to get a little better about self-care and making sure I’m making good choices that give my heart and mind room to heal, too.

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