Keeping Promises

I said I would post both good and bad things, and I also said I’d post on New Year’s about the road ahead and what I want to accomplish. Unfortunately, I’m so sick that all I want on the road ahead is to stop feeling nauseous and throwing up.


It feels unfair, being so sick after treatments ended–three weeks after my last chemo and three days after my last radiation. I threw up after my first radiation though, before I’d had any chemo, and Dr. Lee said the radiation was so low in my chest that it might induce nausea.  Whatever the cause, it saps my strength (along with its side effect of not eating much) and leaves me weak and depressed.

So I’ll save the post ringing in the new year and talking about my goals for a time when I’m feeling better. Right now I’m going to focus on trying to get rid of this nausea.

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