Much Less Medication

Working with my medical oncologist, I’m now off all of the anti-nausea medications except one (and of them all, it’s the one that was least troubling to me–Ativan). I feel a little nauseous, but it’s bearable and I just took some cannabis oil to try to counteract it. More important, the muscle twitching and insomnia are largely gone, and mentally I’m starting to feel like myself again. I’d been crying a lot, which I chalked up to being so weak and tired all the time, but now I’m wondering how much of that was the anti-nausea medications.

There’s not much news beyond that. I check in with my medical oncologist a week from Friday to make sure I’m in good shape for the consolidation chemo, which will be the following Thursday (January 28th) and then again three weeks later (February 18th). That will be the end of treatments (for now, at least), and the next step will be a PET scan some time in March to get a sense of progress and status.

Here’s to getting back to feeling like myself again!

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  1. This is really good news. Whatever the reason was for feeling so crappy and unlike yourself I’m glad you are so much better.

    I sure hope you will be ready for the consolidation chemo and then on to the final treatment. You’ve got this kiddo!

    Love you.

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