On the fifth day of treatment, I discovered an invisible glove…

…and no, it really didn’t make me feel like Michael Jackson. I’d been wearing a bioband¬†around my left wrist to combat nausea. The placement instructions showed the proper position for the band as about 3-4 inches down from the wrist, so that’s where I wore it, day and night for four days.


Last night, Charlie noticed I was rubbing my left arm, about halfway between the wrist and the elbow. He asked why, and I mentioned that it was tingling, sort of like a ring of area that was falling asleep. It had started on Saturday. He told me to take off the Bioband for a while.

This morning, I noticed it’s still tingling… in fact, it’s tingling even more. It sounds like neuropathy, a side effect of the Cisplatin. I called the NP handling my chemo and left a message. I’ll ask about it tomorrow as well.

The good news is that I’ll be started on Emend tomorrow! Emend is one of the new “wonder drugs” of cancer treatment. In many patients, Emend can completely eliminate or radically reduce nausea. Here’s hoping it does the trick for me!

I’m also picking up the paperwork for a medical marijuana card tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll feel well enough after chemo to drop it off in San Mateo. Then I’ll find a local coop that delivers. The radiology nurse recommended lollipops, so we’ll see what they have in stock.

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