On the third day of treatment, I learned to take a break…

I read that chemo and radiation are exhausting, and that’s the truth. I’m still too early in the process to feel much from the radiation, but I battled some nausea today. It’s probably minor nausea for other folks but since nausea is my Kryptonite, it bummed me out for a while. Then Charlie came home, got me to eat some soup and drink lots of water, and I’m feeling better.

Today’s great news though: the pain is gone! At first it was the biopsy sites healing but then when the pain kept getting worse, I realized the cancer must have been affecting nerves. I was having pain in my soft palate and rear left molars to the extent that I was taking 4-5 Vicodin a day. I moved down to Aleve yesterday and had no need for any paid meds today at all! So when I feel low again, I’ll just remember that it’s working!

On Monday, I switch daily radiation to my new time: 7:50 am. Yep, that means I’ll be getting up at airport-o-clock every day. It’s OK though because I was already thinking of this as a trip: a journey from the person I was a month ago to the person I want to be on the other side of treatment.


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