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I have a post in my head called “Where Have I Been?” I may still write it, because I feel like I’m gradually coming out of some kind of tunnel. Part of it’s from the steroid withdrawal–fatigue can be so intense that some of my wellness habits (still so new that they’re not ingrained) fall by the wayside. One of those habits was my morning meditation. I rebooted today and, fatigue or no fatigue, am determined to get back to it.

In between meditation programs this morning, I joked with Charlie that I was going to “move objects with my mind.” I use Wild Divine’s biofeedback device and their meditation software, including Villa Serena, in which successful meditation (achieving coherence) causes broken pieces of the villa to move back into place or repair.

While that’s a fun way to visualize successful coherence, I usually start my mornings with Zen Journey. In many ways, it mimics working with a meditation instructor in that there’s both general guidance and specific guidance based on what the biofeedback device reports.

I especially like the instructor for Zen Journey, Zen Master Nissim Amon. It’s helpful to get direct feedback on how I’m doing, but more important for me right now, I find his message insightful, calming, and often inspirational.

During most meditations, Amon will tell you “right now, in this moment, everything is all right.” And when he says that, for that moment, it really is.

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  1. I love your meditation programs and that you are putting some time aside for them. I felt pretty calmed by just watching the preview for the program! This is an excellent way to do something for yourself.

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