Scan Day… Good News!

Today was scan day! After only five treatments (including missing four weeks of treatment), all the cancer is still gone from both lungs and now the two lymph nodes that were enlarged and active on the PET are much smaller, perhaps even normal size. There’s a good chance I’m either cancer-free right now, or pretty close to it!

This isn’t a cure, but it’s a tremendous gift of time. When/if the cancer mutates, it has to start from zero, as seed cells, and regrow from there. It also shows my immune system CAN handle the cancer if it gets help, so if the day comes that the cancer returns, the Houston trial is waiting.

As always, thank you to everyone here for your support and love. It’s such a help in keeping me focused and optimistic. I can’t really express how much it means to me.

A special thank you to Charlie, which I don’t say often enough. I can’t imagine life without you… mostly because I don’t think I would still be here without you and everything you do to help me.

Hug the folks you love today–every minute we have together matters.

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