Slow Mind, Slow Updates

I haven’t been updating the site much in the past few days, partly because it’s been quiet but mostly because the days have passed with me in a strange haze.

I’ve had a fairly persistent pain in my side that rises and lowers in severity. It’s been hurting a bit worse lately, so I’ve been taking either Tylenol with Codeine #3 or Hydrocodone every 6 hours. I’m also using cannabis oil, which involves gradually increasing the dosage to build up my tolerance. The two have combined to put me in a persistent state of almost-asleep. It makes it hard to focus on much of anything, and I really dislike the feeling.

Hopefully I’ll adjust to the cannabis oil soon so I can feel normal again. I’m going to reduce the amounts for a while too. As soon as it wears off, I feel normal again so I think the cannabis oil is the real culprit of my mental haze.

cloud mind
Googling “cloud mind” presents you with some interesting image choices.

I’m also in a holding pattern this week, waiting to hear the start date for radiation and chemo. I have an appointment with the medical oncologist tomorrow so I expect to hear more about the treatment scheduling and type at that point. I’m eager to get this show on the road!


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