Stop Saying Someday

We all get in the habit of saying it: “Someday…”

Life keeps us busy. We wake up thinking about what’s on our calendar for the day. By the afternoon, we’re figuring out what we’ll have to do tomorrow that we can’t finish today. Then we realize it’s 10:30 pm and the daily routine absorbed all of our waking hours. There are always things we could be doing, would be doing, should be doing. We all have responsibilities we carry around on our shoulders every day, some joyful and some less so.

It’s easy to relax into this constant flow, into the reassuring sameness. When we’re presented with opportunities, it’s easy to miss them, to chalk them up to lack of time or energy or money or the hundred other things on the “why not” list. It’s way too easy to say, “Someday…”

How many somedays do you have left in your life? The honest truth: you don’t know. How many somedays do I have? I don’t know, either. No one knows. When the moment comes and we each get clarity on how many somedays we have left, it’s often too late to spend them.

So stop saying someday. Start saying yes.


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  1. Thanks for”SOMEDAY IS TODAY”. It’s a good plan for everyone and I’m glad it’s the path you are following. You are an inspiration for so many people and we love you for it. So thankful for MRI report. Much love and prayers coming your way.

    Aunt Sandy and Uncle Bob

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