There’s an interesting blog post at Armchair Arcade that discusses an evergreen debate: are modern games better than old games, or are they simply different? I don’t think there’s an absolute answer to that, even if you discount technology changes (the main point of his blog post). There’s one thing that’s clear to me though: […]

My first posts on the site talked about making an adventure game. I said I’d post more when I had details on it, then… nothing. What happened? I changed my mind about what I wanted to make. I love adventure games, especially games like Myst. The first game I ever worked on was a Myst-style […]

The topic of realism in games comes up pretty frequently, about a wide range of specific areas like design, art, and physics simulations. I’m going to talk specifically about realism in design for this blog post. What do I mean by realism in design? Here are some examples, from RPGs since that’s what I remember […]

Slides from my GDC presentations are available at the links below. Using Progression to Motivate Casual Players Running a Live Game If you have access to the full GDC Vault, the videos are a lot better than just the slides. I usually have light slides, with most of the “meat” of the presentation delivered verbally. […]