I said I would post both good and bad things, and I also said I’d post on New Year’s about the road ahead and what I want to accomplish. Unfortunately, I’m so sick that all I want on the road ahead is to stop feeling nauseous and throwing up. It feels unfair, being so sick […]

I had my last radiation treatment on Tuesday… so what’s next? You can look at that question from two perspectives: how I feel, and next treatment steps. It takes time to recover from chemoradiation. Having both at once enhances the effectiveness… but also enhances the side effects. I’m more than two weeks past my last […]

Tomorrow morning at 8:40 am, I report in for my next-to-last radiation treatment. After that, I have a two hour hydration. Tuesday, I have my very last radiation treatment… and that’s it. I have more hydration for a week afterward to help my body recover, but the initial treatments are done. We’ll wait around a […]

So now I’ll make good on my promise to post more often even when I’m not feeling great! I tend to be pretty healthy, other than that pesky cancer. I’ve always felt lucky to have a fairly solid, stable constitution. Yet there’s something about cancer treatments that always seems to gut me–literally. Last time, I […]