Today, I’m Grateful for Timing

I’ve been reading up on the experiences of other folks taking the immunotherapy drug(s) I’m likely to be given, on a variety of forums. It made me realize how the timing here, while emotionally difficult, was actually something I should appreciate.

Yes, it was harder discovering the cancer’s back after that first clear PET result… but the past six months also gave me time to reconnect with life after the six months of treatment made me a hermit.

Yes, it’s harder to know there are tumors trying to grow inside me right now while people tell me how good I look and I was finally starting to feel normal again… but it means I’m going into immunotherapy healthy and ready instead of at the low point just after chemo.

Yes, it’s harder to get these results so soon after the treatments instead of a couple years down the road… but a couple years down the road the scans would have been less frequent and the metastasis might have been far more advanced.

So today I’m grateful for timing, as possibilities begin to fall in place for next steps on the path.

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