Where Have I Been?

Yes, it’s been a while since I posted. Where have I been?

The short answer: sick. For some people, the weeks after the last radiation are the worst, and that group includes me. A part of that sickness is an unusual side effect, gastroparesis. It’s a condition where my stomach digests food much more slowly than normal. The main symptom: my favorite phobia, nausea. Even as the treatment side effects die down, the nausea has taken its toll on me emotionally. It also means I can’t eat much, so I’m dropping weight and I’m sure that’s slowing down my healing.


The doctors think it is caused by the narcotics I’ve been taking for pain, and that it will get better as I start to need those less.

It’s all too easy to get bummed out, to feel like I’ll be in this rut forever, and to ignore the things that are healing very well. I decided to post again as a way to start taking myself out of nausea-induced hiding, and to let everyone know I’m still hanging in there.



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  1. Hey there we were intro’d virtually via @br and run in the same circles. I’ve been following your story and just wanted to reach out and ask if there’s anything I can do to help. Pls DM on Twitter or shoot me a note to first name at brainquake dot com. I’m in SF and happy to help if you need anything.

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