Just a quick rebooting note: I’ve decided to resume my old cancer blog but with a mix of topics around health, wellness, cancer, illness-related disability and accommodations, etc. The overall focus will be on navigating life and work while dealing with a chronic illness-related disability. I’ll include specific content tagging (including revising old posts to […]

There are two different concepts in gameplay that often get conflated: whittling vs. puttering. There’s a certain zen to repetitive motions and patterns. There have been a bunch of studies showing that they soothe, calm, and even help people enter a flow state. That’s whittling gameplay: it’s about the moment-to-moment activity. It’s engaging and fun, […]

I have a post in my head called “Where Have I Been?” I may still write it, because I feel like I’m gradually coming out of some kind of tunnel. Part of it’s from the steroid withdrawal–fatigue can be so intense that some of my wellness habits (still so new that they’re not ingrained) fall by the wayside. […]

We all get in the habit of saying it: “Someday…” Life keeps us busy. We wake up thinking about what’s on our calendar for the day. By the afternoon, we’re figuring out what we’ll have to do tomorrow that we can’t finish today. Then we realize it’s 10:30 pm and the daily routine absorbed all of our […]