I had the first trial progress CT scan on Monday. I didn’t go into it feeling great, either physically or mentally–I’ve been having increasing pain in my chest, especially on the right side. As much as I tried to blame the pain on too much evening WoW, it was hard not to also acknowledge that […]

I’ll say up front that I’m an impatient person. It’s a character flaw I’ve been working on for many years. I hate waiting. Unanswered questions drive me crazy, and “Will the cancer respond to the trial?” is a pretty huge unanswered question for me right now. So here I am, waiting. I found out there […]

After being on a slightly lower dose of steroids for almost four weeks, it seems to be holding steady at a point where I’m not as bad as I was before any steroids, but walking to the water cooler at work or getting dressed in the morning leaves me panting. Part of it may be […]