Clinical trial math example: Monday + every two months = time to start worrying about my scan the following Monday. Tuesday + pain below my right ribs = worry about that AND the scan the following Monday. Wednesday + pain is now across the front of my chest below my ribs and in my back […]

The every-other-week treatment schedule has become habit at this point. In at 7:45 am, IV and blood draw, discussion with the trial nurse, meet with Dr. Ani, get the blood test results, then infusion and home by 1:00 pm. What isn’t habit yet is the unpredictability of immunotherapy. Unlike chemo, it’s not cumulative. Unlike chemo, […]

When we first started talking about whether we would move or renew our lease, I said on Twitter that making the decision felt like placing a bet on how long I was going to live. As we discussed choices and toured a few places, I found myself saying things like, “Yes, but if I get […]

Today was scan day! After only five treatments (including missing four weeks of treatment), all the cancer is still gone from both lungs and now the two lymph nodes that were enlarged and active on the PET are much smaller, perhaps even normal size. There’s a good chance I’m either cancer-free right now, or pretty […]