I’ve been on high dose prednisone for almost a week now. I started noticing a difference the second day, and by the fourth it was a clear improvement. It’s slowed down since then, but it’s not clear to me whether it’s just that any improvement from my former downhill trend was more noticeable, or whether […]

I met with my medical oncologist last Friday–she handled the chemo side of treatment. She confirmed that the PET scan showed the cancer is all gone, which was good to hear again since it can be hard to believe. She also said we’ll do three month scans for quite some time and stay vigilant, which was […]

I had big news a couple weeks ago. Astonishing news, really. I told a close circle of friends immediately, and posted to Facebook and Twitter later in the day. With each hour that passed, talking about it became more and more difficult. It was almost a week before I said anything public about it at […]

Now that I can eat normal food again, I’m able to maintain a more normal calorie level and I’m feeling better. Actually, I’m feeling more than better: I’m feeling much more like myself again. I’m not 100% yet–chemobrain still slows me down now and then, and I’m physically a bit weak, out of breath easily–but I’m not […]