Clinical trial math example: Monday + every two months = time to start worrying about my scan the following Monday. Tuesday + pain below my right ribs = worry about that AND the scan the following Monday. Wednesday + pain is now across the front of my chest below my ribs and in my back […]

The every-other-week treatment schedule has become habit at this point. In at 7:45 am, IV and blood draw, discussion with the trial nurse, meet with Dr. Ani, get the blood test results, then infusion and home by 1:00 pm. What isn’t habit yet is the unpredictability of immunotherapy. Unlike chemo, it’s not cumulative. Unlike chemo, […]

A few people privately shared this article with me out of concern, so I wanted to say a few words about it. Dr. Ani said, at this point, I’ve had almost all the non-life-threatening side effects of immunotherapy. My immune system isn’t just active–it’s on overdrive. We’ll see what Monday’s scans show, but the previous […]

Someday I’ll hit the jackpotĀ and have a whole week without having to go to the doctor or have unexpected procedures or scans. This isn’t that week. I’ve been having what I politely call “stomach Issues” for a little over a month now. I was taken off treatments last week and put back on steroids until […]