Last year, I was in the hospital from chemo for my birthday, not knowing the cancer would blossom again months later. This year, I’m walking around San Francisco–short of breath sometimes, but walking–looking forward to an afternoon and evening with friends, a few days at GDC, then the return home for another trial treatment. I’ll […]

I’m exhausted and stressed and sad and angry. I try to keep my posts here focused and positive, but it’s really hard at this point. I was contacted last week by the Organizing Director of a healthcare advocacy group to see if I would be willing to be called upon to speak to media or […]

I’ll say up front that I’m an impatient person. It’s a character flaw I’ve been working on for many years. I hate waiting. Unanswered questions drive me crazy, and “Will the cancer respond to the trial?” is a pretty huge unanswered question for me right now. So here I am, waiting. I found out there […]